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Our Story

Back in 2014 I had an idea whilst still smoking over 20 cigarettes a day. Vaping was still pretty new to the scene and I was toying with the idea of packing up the cigarettes but at the same time being cost effective. I had a good read online on how to make an e-liquid. Within 1 week I had all my ingredients in front of me. Nervous on what I was planning on making, my partner and I just went for it. 

We created, between us, just a few flavours that we enjoyed to keep us off the cigarettes. At this point an idea pinged into my head, what if I made some to sell to some close friends to get them to quit smoking. Within 3 months I had over 20 flavours available. At this point the journey was about to begin.

In 2016 I officially opened Exceptional Vapes to the public. Rented a small manufacturing unit, local to home, and the expansion started. 

Shops became interested in my products which gave the business massive publicity.  Now in 2023, we are stocked in over 23 different countries, stocked in various distributors around the UK and multiple staff. 

Lets not forget the multiple awards we have won for our flavours alongside being voted 2nd best vape store in the UK in 2021

Customers are the key to the success of Exceptional Vapes so if you have clicked on this section I would like to thank you personally.  Without you, Exceptional Vapes would be nothing.


"Never give up on a dream you have!" 


Founder of Exceptional Vapes limited