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UK Flavour Ban ( please Read )

The UK government are putting plans in place to destroy the vaping industry. As you have all seen on the news Disposable vapes are being banned which is great but it does not stop there. They seem to think flavoured E-Liquids play a part in encouraging teenagers to vape alongside bright coloured packaging. 


Clearly this is not the case.  They want to restrict flavours and make packaging black and white. The flavours they want to leave us with is menthol & tobacco!

So your favourite flavours you get from us and all the other vape stores you buy from will be gone for good.  Not only that so will we and 95% of other vape stores around the UK will close. The link at the bottom is for the petition to make a stand for what we enjoy and to show the government that we will not tolerate what they are planning. We need 100,000 signatures for this petition to even make it to the relevant people. Over 10,000 people have signed so far in 48 hours and every single vape store will be sharing this around. This is how we make our living and pay our bills and for the government to step in and "assume" that flavours and packaging play a role in encourage youngsters to vape is totally out of order and wrong. 


Unfortunately disposable vapes have ruined the industry with the waste these people leave on the floor and mainly the illegal disposables that certain shops simply do not care about. They contain banned ingredients such as nickel which alone inhaling that is a silent killer. Stick to your local reputable stores and do not buy this rubbish from your local corner shop. They do not care if the vaping industry goes away as this is not how they make a living.